Extracurricular activity report (30 August 2019)



Mui Ne White Sand dunes is also known as Bau Trang (white lake) – the“little Sahara desert “. Bau Trang is a famous landscape located about 30km North East of Mui Ne Center. It is a fresh-water lake formed long ago and located amid endless sand hills.


This trip was attended by Mr. Viet and Ms. Laoise volunteers from Ireland along with DASATT staff and students. Everyone was very excited.


Before going to prepare food and necessary items for the trip.


: The weather was not hot and cool. Everyone had breakfast together with “banh mi”, there are so many way for you to choose to have some fun. If you want to try something new, there is one for you: riding ostrich. Other you could rent quad bikes to the sand hill, but we decided to walk on the sand.


Play with sandboarding, walk on sand dunes and take pictures together, it’s all wet but it’s fun because it rained, sitting together talking in English and had lunch.

End of trip:

Everyone went to visit another temple nearby to wish their families peace and happiness. Later on the road it was raining heavily, everyone was wet. This is the last trip of training class, we enjoyed our time.