Extracurricular activity report (1st July 2019)



Ta Cu mountain is 649 m high, located along National Highway 1A, in Thuan Nam town, Ham Thuan Nam district, 28 km far from Phan Thiet to the south is a scenic spot and a climbing spot of Binh Thuan province.

Prepare and depart:

The students gather in the DASATT office to prepare food and necessary items for the trip, travel by motorbike to Phan Thiet city, then take the bus to Ta Cu mountain area. The students are very excited because this is first time they go hiking.


At the beginning of climbing, the students are very excited but when they climb for a while, they feel tired, everyone is soaked with sweat, but not so giving up the whole group cheering for each other finally climb to the top of the mountain. People are happy to come here and continue to explore here more.

Visiting the pagoda:

Athough it was rainning, the tour didn’t stop. At this point, it is impossible to ignore the temple with the
Nirvana Buddhist Statue (length 49m), everyone prayed for peace and good family.

Activities together:

After the tour was over, people sit together to eat, chat and rest.


Student’s feelings:

The extracurricular day is an opportunity for students to visit and learn more about tourist attractions in Binh Thuan province, adding knowledge and training in group work , people feel closer. Looking forward to going more places and thank you Dasatt for creating opportunities for you.